Discussing Physician-Assisted Death: Finding Consensus and Agreeing to Differ

Asunción Álvarez, PhD 

Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Colegio de Bioética, A.C. 

Wayne Sumner, PhD, FRSC, University Professor Emeritus. 

Dept. of Philosophy, University of Toronto; Author of Assisted Death: A Study in Ethics & Law 

19 September 2012, 4:10 5:30 pm

155 College St., Room 108 (main floor, to the right of the elevators)


Abstract: There are patients who would request an assisted death if they are experiencing unbearable suffering during the dying process, and there are physicians who would agree to help them so that they might have a good death. But there are also patients who would reject this option and physicians who would refuse such a request.

Discussion of physician assisted death is needed because we have to figure out how to respect these contrasting points of view. A policy to regulate PAD could allow both patients and physicians to act according to their own values, but we have to be sure that there are no important reasons not to implement su ch a policy.

In this seminar we want to contribute to this discussion, in part by reviewing the main issues addressed in Wayne Sumner’s book on Assisted Death.


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